Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

Wolf Alice are one of the most exciting new acts in music right now. On the same day as their astonishing set at Glastonbury, their debut album was released and went straight too number 2, only to be beaten by Florence and the Machine.

First time listeners of this album will be thinking that these are a very chilled out indie band with a similar sound to Lana Del Ray when they listen to the first two tracks ‘Turn to Dust’ and ‘Bros’. The album then goes so smoothly from relaxed indie-pop to grunge with ‘Your Loves Whore’ & ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ that you won’t even question the change in style.

‘You’re a germ’ sounds as though it was inspired by Nirvanas ‘Lithium’, soft strumming on a guitar turning into heavy guitars, drums being beaten and lead singer Ellie Roswell singing dark and gritty lyrics such as ‘You ain’t going to heaven, cause I’m dragging you down to hell’.

In the next two tracks, ‘Lisbon’ and ‘Silk’ we get a peek into Ellie Roswell’s mind set; ‘feel like smashing windows’ she says softly in ‘Lisbon’ and in ‘Silk’ we hear Ellie’s thoughts in the background as she sings. ‘Silk’ is one of the best songs on this album, the eeriness at the beginning slowly builds into a crescendo of noise at the end.

‘Freazy’ brings us back to a similar sound as the first two tracks, a chilled out vibe. 1980’s pop-rock fused with 21st century rock is what ‘Giant Peach’ is like, yet it somehow manages to work perfectly. ‘Swallotail’ gives drummer Joel Amey a chance on the mic. A completely different feel to the rest of the songs until the end where we’re reminded of heavy the guitars and the beat of drums in previous songs

‘Soapy Water’ is another indie pop tune, while ‘Fluffy’ is another brilliant grunge tune. ‘The Wonderwhy’ is the last song on the album and its full of Ellie’s fears of whats going to happen to her in the afterlife.

The unpredictability of the record is what makes it so great and what makes Wolf Alice one of, if not the, break-out act of 2015. Definitely ones to watch for the future.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Words by Stephen Rubbathan