The Vincent(s) live @ Cyprus Avenue 19 September 2015

Not for the first time this weekend I climb the small staircase up to Cyprus Avenue; it is one of my favourite walks as I love the pictures that adorn the walls of all the great bands who have played this wonderful little venue. For years now I have been threatening to bring a screwdriver some evening and confiscating one particular photograph of The Frames.

Support for tonight’s show came from Dublin in the form of 5 piece indie rock band Slackers Symphony. Before opening number ‘Control’ frontman Ed Grannell calmly introduced the band to the crowd; that was the last time the word calmly could be used about this Slackers Symphony set as from there on in it was 100 miles per hour. Grannell’s enthusiasm is infectious and the rest of the band follow his lead and are wilful participants in this high octane stage show. ‘Outside’ a wonderfully catchy pop song was the pick of the bunch from the energetic Dubliners. ‘Cambodian’ and ‘Summer’ were tracks which also stood out for me.

The first time I remember seeing the Vincent(s) was at Indiependance 2014. I remember trudging through the mud towards the main tent and hearing the drum beat of ‘Summer Song’ and finding it hypnotic and almost Pied Piper-like leading the crowd towards the tent. Courtney Taylor of Dandy Warhols fame has also fallen under their spell and had them as support for his Academy gig this summer and has recently mixed 2 singles for them, the second of which ‘Milk With Tea’ is due out within the month.

An exciting upcoming supporting slot for Gary Numan should bring great exposure for the band but tonight at Cyprus Avenue is set to be The Vincent(s) last headline gig for the year so as expected is was a good one. Opening with ‘Song Of The Sea’ and ‘Opium Den Song’ the tone was set for an evening of dark, moody grunge-filled Death Pop sounds (which admittedly is a new one for me too).

With so much free music on in the city this weekend, the large crowd in attendance at this ticketed gig gives an indication of just how well thought of The Vincent(s) are, and rightly so too. ‘Throne Song’ and ‘Fever Dream’ are fantastic live tracks and ‘Chemical Reliance’ gets possibly the best reaction of the night. Being able to leave out a well know track like ‘Summer Song’ is testament to the strength of the bands material.

I for one will be looking forward to their UK and Irish tour early next year.

Words by Anthony Kelly