Slow Meadow – Slow Meadow

On very rare occasions, we discover new music and it feels like we have uncovered buried treasure.

All attempts to ‘review’ or critique this kind of music are rendered useless; we are forced to let the music weave its spell, take a deep breath and just gush.

Slow Meadow is the first release on Post Rock duo Hammock’s new label. It is the latest project from respected ambient artist Matt Kidd and it is utterly gorgeous.  So much of the music of the ambient genre acts as nothing other than a gentle wash of sound, but there is much more going on here. The slowly shifting chords form the backdrop as guitars, synths, strings and cello sob and sigh their way through a suite of instrumental songs that is at times, incredibly moving.

The music makes the perfect soundtrack for this time of year as summer slowly drifts towards the heavy melancholy of autumn – the airy, pastoral feel of Linen Garden (Part I) conjures up  images of blue skies and summer magic – by the time we reach Part II, the final piece on the record, the mood has changed to one of bittersweet beauty.

In between we get the breathtaking ‘Summer Vigil’ and the shoegaze melancholy of ‘Every Mournful Breath’, profoundly beautiful compositions that move at the same glacial pace, but never once is the spell broken across these eleven tracks.

Hammock guest on the opening and closing tracks but their influence is subtle and sympathetic to the mood of quiet rapture that Kidd creates.  Listening to this record on headphones, it is easy to lose track of time, to immerse yourself in the wondrous textures and wordless magic of music as astoundingly lovely as this.

A rare and precious find – Slow Meadow is one 2015’s most beautiful discoveries.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)