Little Green Cars live @ The Milk Market, Limerick 13 May 2016

One of the newest venues on the Irish music scene is Limerick’s the Milk Market.  Situated in the heart of the city centre, this historic landmark has acted as an excellent, live music venue since it was renovated and covered over, back in 2010.  While the purpose of the canopy was to allow for all weather trading in the various artisan businesses located within, an added bonus to this canopy is it also makes for great acoustics.

Cathy Davey opened proceedings, armed with a four piece band. The venue wasn’t quite at capacity when they took to the stage but I think maybe the weather had a part to play in that. It certainly was an evening for a beer garden.  Cathy remarked that it was still too bright to be pulling the faces she needed to hit the high notes after an excellent opening brace of ‘Little Red’ and ‘Habit’.

Hitting the high notes is something Cathy Davey does effortlessly, and her unique vocals have always been her biggest selling point.  The song writing was always good too and with no new material to play at the moment we were treated to some of best of her back catalogue. She commented that she hadn’t played in a long time but it certainly didn’t show. ‘Moving’, ‘Sing for Your Supper’ and my own personal favourite ‘Mr. Kill’ were all part of what was an excellent set.

The sun had gone down and the market was packed by the time Little Green Cars took to the stage. The Dubliners have recently released their second album ‘Ephemera’, which hasn’t quite received the same acclaim as its predecessor but is, none the less a very good second outing.  It is a low key start to the set with new songs ‘The Party’ and ‘Good Women Do’ before ‘Harper Lee’ picks up the pace and gets the crowd singing along.

Next an impromptu poetry reading in a faux, American accent by co-lead singer Steve Appleby to accompany a story of the bands recent seven week tour of the States seems to almost kill the momentum that had just been built up.

It isn’t really until fan favourite ‘The John Wayne’ that Little Green Cars get fully back on track. This however may possibly be down to the fact that the crowd were unfamiliar with the new material. ‘Clair De Lune’ and the sadly, ironically titled ‘The Song That they Play Every Night’ (which I can’t help but feeling doesn’t quite get the airtime they had anticipated) were two that did go down well.

The highlight of the show was just before the encore, where co-lead singer Faye O’Rourke took over on main vocals for ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me’ new single ‘Easier Day’ and ‘I don’t Even Know Who’. Faye O’Rourke is possibly the best female voice on the Irish indie/Folk rock scene and the aforementioned songs especially showcase her talents.

Words by Anthony Kelly