Le Galaxie live @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork 3rd May 2015

Cyprus Avenue was the venue for the second time this bank holiday weekend for one of Ireland’s best and most energetic live acts Le Galaxie.

I first saw Le Galaxie on the Sunday afternoon at a festival many years ago. Truth be told I had no idea who they were at the time and my main reasons for going to see them were shelter from the rain and an opening on the railing which at the time was too enticing to pass up.  Within minutes they had blown the cobwebs off and by the end of their set they had also blown my socks off too.

Cork band Kashkao were on warm up duties this evening and within minutes they had the place bopping along to their own brand of Funk. Often sounding like they may only be a second from launching into a Chic cover and looking as far removed from your typical funk band as the Average White Band once used to. None of this ever stops Kashkao from keeping the crowd thoroughly entertained. The highlight of their set was a funky cover of ‘There Must Be an Angel’ by Annie Lennox.

Le Galaxie arrive on stage and begin proceedings with the ceremonial lighting of the ‘Le Club’ neon sign before starting their set with ‘Humanize’.
Disaster strikes as early as the beginning of the 3rd song ‘Love System’ when technical difficulty with a keyboard causes the show to come to a halt temporarily.

To pass the time, Dave of the band tries to introduce himself to every member of the audience individually and to his credit, gets through a fair amount of the sizeable crowd in attendance. After a short break and a change of keyboard the show is back underway and the excellent ‘Love System’ helps the crowd to forget the delay.

Le Galaxie  will never be found short when it come to entertaining a crowd and ensuring a crowd feels involved. During last years hit single ‘Lucy Is Here’, Dave and Michael even decide to join the crowd for a dance. Their high energy performances always include what looks like a band member dance off with many daring disco moves being attempted and it must be said usually achieved successfully.

New tracks such as ‘Le Club’, ‘Carmen’, ‘Put The Chain On” and “Humanize’ fit in excellently with old set favourites such as ‘Love System”, ‘Midnight Midnight’ and ‘Nightcall’.

As usual it was a high energy, high quality and highly entertaining show from Le Galaxie.


Words by Anthony Kelly