Jape – .wav goodbye

An unexpected but very pleasant surprise for a dreary November night: Richie Egan, aka Jape, unleashed to the world ‘..a little home recorded experiment of stuff..’, and what beautiful stuff .wav goodbye is.

Having released his fifth studio album, ‘This Chemical Sea’, earlier this year, we might have expected any further releases in 2015 to take the form of a single from that album.  But alas Egan decided, after some encouragement from friends, to share a collection of his outcast creations. For the most part, this eight-track compilation is mellow and provides the ideal sound track for a chilled out winter’s eve.

That said, it remains loyal to the usual catchy elements which can be expected from Jape.  The stand-out track for me is ‘Running in the Rain’. This is classic Jape and can be compared with the likes of ‘The Heart’s Desire’ and ‘Seance of Light’, both of which were released as singles earlier this year.
On his Facebook page, Jape mentions that he sees writing music as a gift to help him with his mental health.

This is evident in ‘Without You’, which reminisces about happy times spent with, and marks the loss of, a loved one – all the while capturing Jape’s trademark ‘boppy’ beat. The song takes me back to one of my favourite Jape tracks, my go-to remedy during unsettled times, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ from the album ‘Ritual’.

‘Never Seen You’ is another track which demonstrates Egan’s use of song-writing to help him through hard times.  This is complimented by a quirky opening synth/drum/guitar combination and an eerie drum beat drift out. This track could have worked very well alongside some of the stronger tracks on ‘This Chemical Sea’.

Although now based in Malmö, Sweden, Jape is still very much present in the Irish music scene. The positive reaction to this week’s impromptu release, along with his upcoming show on 12 December in Vicar Street, is evidence of that. Although Egan wants to move on from the present ‘roughness and weirdness of these tunes’, it may take a while longer before his fans are prepared to let them go.

.wav goodbye was released online on Tuesday, 10 November and is available for free streaming via Bandcamp . Each track is also available for download on a ‘name your price’ basis.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Words by Mairéad McGuinness