Jape Live @ The Secret Garden, Cork 21st May 2015

Orchard Thieves are tonight’s host at the Secret Garden, Hanover Street, Cork, a venue I must confess in which I haven’t seen a live act before. Decked out in everything and anything apple-related you could think of, the place looks amazing.

Tonight’s star attraction is Ireland’s only two time album of the year winner Jape. Jape is the brainchild of Dubliner Richie Egan and at this stage has now released 5 studio albums. Tonight Richie is joined by Glenn Keating.

‘Graveyard’ from the 2008  Irish album of the year Ritual is the opening number but sadly tonight it goes out to a slightly subdued crowd as many of them still are still enjoying their free apple filled food and drinks. The crowd does start to pay more attention when they hear ‘The Heart’s Desire’ the lead single from this year’s excellent album This Chemical Sea. This particular version has an alternative ending which adds to an already great song.

Richie stops to offer the crowd apples from the crates used to decorate the stage before they launch into ‘The oldest mind’, a great track from 2011’s Irish album of the year Oceans of Frequency, a worthy winner in my own opinion.

New tracks such as ‘Absolutely Animals’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Ribbon Ribbon’, ‘I go’ and the excellent ‘Séance Of Light’ all go down a treat.

The cloud of cigarette smoke wafting towards the stage prompted the lads to comment that they hadn’t played in such surroundings in a long time right before the played the title track from Oceans Of Frequency.

The set finishes with a barnstorming version of ‘Floating’ which was dedicated to anyone voting in the following day’s referendum and then that is retracted and the dedication is offered only to those voting yes.

My advice to you would be to get out and catch Jape live if they are playing anywhere near you; if you have a spare few bob you could do worse than sticking a bet on Jape making it a hat trick of Irish album of the year  awards.


Words by Anthony Kelly