Guest Lists: Craig Walker’s Top 10 albums 2014

In the second of a series of guest contributions, Craig Walker of Mineral  chooses his 10 favourite albums of 2014. Craig was lead singer with legendary nineties Dublin band Power of Dreams; their debut album Immigrants, Emigrants and Me is regularly listed in the best Irish albums of the last 30 years. His new band Mineral is signed to ex Creation supremo Alan McGee’s 359 label. They have released one album, the very warmly received Plastik Ekphrastic. Craig is currently working on the second Mineral album, scheduled for release some time in mid 2015.


1. To Be Kind –  Swans

Great album that sucks you into its strange universe. It chews you up then spits you out. I found myself reaching for the play button again and again.



2. Sea When Absent – A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Like all your favorite indie bands ever – rolled into one.



3. High Life  –  Brian Eno / Karl Hyde

Two great artists. Nice to hear Karl Hyde’s hugely underrated guitar playing getting a central role at long last.



4. Our Love – Caribou

Just a great record with heart and soul.



5.  Lp1 – FKA Twigs

Madly inventive and fresh. Not an album to fall in love with. Just pure admiration for the reinvention of pop music this late in the game.



6. Black Messiah – D’Angelo and the Vanguard

Bursting with melody, ideas and soul. Sounds old and new all at the same time. Timeless.



7.  Syro – Aphex Twin

The cynic in me says Richard D. James sounds like a man who is stuck in the 90’s. For sure there is no great leap forward on this album. It dosen’t really matter though as it’s still great.




8. Broke With Expensive Taste – Azelia Banks

‘212’ is my favorite single of the past ten years. Any album with that on it would be a winner. She oozes attitude. Great voice too.




9. Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey
She has star quality. Her voice is amazing. This is a weirdly good album by a woman who could quite easily be making shit pop music for the masses.



10. Unflesh – Gazelle Twin

Reminds me of being at industrial nightclubs in London in the early 90’s. I love the simplicity of the production. Minimal.  Nothing is overcooked. Every sound is adding something. Elizabeth Bernholz is an uncompromising and unique artist.