Galants – Galants EP

The British indie scene’s heyday of ’85-’91 was a time of great influence. Bands were still relatively poor and record labels were frequently working in the red, but the music produced during this era continues to resonate with musicians. It was a time when fans would ally themselves with a label like a football team and celebrate every release like a last minute winner. 4AD versus Sub Pop etc.

Galants nailed their colours to the Creation mast if their debut eponymous EP is anything to go by, the Dublin outfit’s sound in thrall to the bands who characterised Alan McGee’s love of pop and noise. The strumming metre on lead track ‘Evergreen’ and David Kennedy’s gentle vocal delivery juxtaposed against distorted guitars is pure Teenage Fanclub.

The guitar solo in ‘Faultline’ which sounds like J Mascis shredding with Swervedriver. ‘Remnants’, with its Big Star harmonies, a quiet/loud dynamic and effects pedals which occasionally drive the track into dream pop territory. ‘Juan’ opens with the crunch of a Fender Jag, allows for a tempo change, reverts to noise pop and fades to feedback.

Galants wear their influences proudly but don’t allow them to smother their well-crafted songs on this impressive  release. Pop melodies get stepped on by fuzz pedals – what else do you need?

Galants EP is out November 25th, and Galants play Whelans on December 3rd.


Words by Keith McGouran