Elastic Sleep Live @ Mother Jones Flea Market, Cork 5 April 2015

Hiding just a few yards away from the busy McCurtain Street on the north side of Cork city is maybe the most weird and wonderful live music venue I think I’ve ever been too.

In the midst of pictures of JFK, vintage tins of USA biscuits, Sacred Heart pictures, second hand clothes and what I am reliably informed is a creditable haul of second hand records a spot is cleared out and readied to accommodate one of Cork’s up and coming bands Elastic Sleep. I was lucky enough to catch Elastic Sleep at Indiependance last summer but the line-up has changed since and tonight is the first night with their new drummer and keyboards/guitar player. It has to be said that both of these new additions seem to fit in flawlessly.

The opening song ‘Slip’ is good and the lead singer wows some people who are new to the band with her haunting vocals. When she asks for more mic five songs into the set, the strength of her voice is even more evident.
As early as the second song it is clear that the bass player is on top form even if he is hidden behind a hanging Crombie coat looking for a new home.

Song four ‘I found love’ is when the lead guitarist takes over on lead vocals for the first time and it brings with it a big change in tempo. His vocals are also very strong, which in my opinion is a great thing for a band to have as it allows them to be versatile.

Eight songs in and we are in for a treat as the band launch into an unexpected but brilliant cover of ‘you only live twice’ which brought a massive smile to this James Bond fans face.
Next up was ‘leave you’ the song everyone had been talking about before the show started, a song which is getting a good amount of radio air time and rightly so.
‘Leave You’ is the best song I have heard by a Cork band in a very long time. This live version was every bit as good as the recording and had everyone singing along.
The last two songs No Horizon’ and ‘Pavlova’ bring proceedings to a close and the band disappear into a tarot reading tent, yet another indication of how quirky this venue is.

I will personally look forward hearing more of the excellent Elastic Sleep again and also to visiting this great little venue which to my shame I didn’t know existed.

Words by Anthony Kelly