Delorentos Live @The Savoy, Cork 18th April 2015

The Savoy Theatre in Cork is known to us locals under its many guises. Originally a cinema opened in the 1930’s or as I remember it in the mid 1990’s a video games arcade complete with giant indoor slide.

The Savoy is nowadays operating as a night club and a venue more accustomed to hosting house and techno music’s top names. Sadly this great venue doesn’t seem to get enough use for bands in my opinion but tonight we are here for one of Ireland’s best bands Delorentos, winners of the prestigious Choice Music Prize in 2012.

The opening act here tonight are Wyvern Lingo, A much talked about three piece all girl group from Bray. They surprised me with a live show that was far louder and more up-tempo than anything I had found on their website previously. I would imagine that it won’t be too long until these ladies are playing to crowds like tonight’s as headliners but for now they are a very good support act. The highlight of their set was ‘Sweet life Ruiner’.

Delorentos take to the stage earlier than expected and the main event starts with the current single ‘Forget the Numbers’. This is greeted with a chorus of applause from the crowd that has now flocked towards the stage. This is followed by ‘Eustace Street’ from their debut album ‘In Love with Detail’. It is clear that Delorentos are here to entertain this crowd and not just to showcase their new record, the excellent ‘Night into Light’ which was released in late 2014.

The bands three previous releases are well represented too with no fewer than 5 songs from ‘Little Sparks’ the record that earned the band the honour of 2012 Irish album of the year.

One of these songs is ‘Petardu’ and was introduced by co-lead singer Kieran McGuinness. He uses this as an opportunity to lend the bands support for the ‘YES’ campaign in the upcoming marriage equality referendum and this is  greatly received by a crowd that is clearly on the same page.
As they mix between the old reliables and new more radio friendly numbers such as  ‘Show me Love’ the crowd are kept in the palm of their hands. When they climb amongst them for a stripped down version of ‘Bullet in a Gun’ the crowd erupt and the stampede that made its way to the front of the stage earlier is now desperately trying to gather around them.
Delorentos as always, give their all on stage and send the punters home happy via a meet and greet in the lobby. If you haven’t already seen them live then I strongly suggest you do.


Words by Anthony Kelly