Cool Yule – 10 Songs for a Slade-free Christmas

Christmas: a time when our sentimental side is stirred and our critical guard is temporarily lowered. As much as we all love Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, and even hold a sneaking and begrudging affection for Last Christmas by Wham, it would be nice to hear something a little different around this time of year – there is only so many times we can listen to that Slade tune and still hold on to our sanity. Here are ten alternative tunes to the old standards – be warned: none of these are likely to feature at the office Christmas party.


1.Sister Winter –Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens: the Father Christmas of the alternative music scene. Beautiful song.



2. Just Like Christmas – Low
Have yourself a hipster Christmas with Low.




3. Jesus Christ – Big Star
Birthday greetings from the legendary Memphis rockers.




4. Christmas card from a Hooker in Minneapolis – Tom Waits
How touching…



5. She Came Home for Christmas – Mew
Quiet-loud-quiet Christmases are the best.



6. Blue Christmas – Bright Eyes
Could it be any other way with Mr Oberst?



7. A Very Sorry Christmas – The New Mendicants
Chiming guitars and classic chords..



8.  Christmas Time Is Here – Mark Kozelek
And it brings with it a heap of misery….



9. Christmas was better in the 80s – TheFutureheads
Really, it wasn’t – trust me.




10. Bring On the Dancing Horses – Echo and the  Bunnymen
It has sleigh bells and it’s the Bunnymen  – that will do for me…