Chic Live @The Marquee, Cork 10 July 2015

It’s a warm Friday evening on Leeside and never before have I seen so many people in fancy dress going to a concert in the Marquee. Disco Divas in white jumpsuits and afro wigs, men in John Travolta style disco suits and loud shirts and human disco balls dressed head to toe in glitter and sequence all head towards the Big Top.

Tonight Disco legends Chic featuring Nile Rodgers are making a long awaited return to Cork and it is left to the local DJ Stevie G to entertain the crowd and make sure they are warmed up before they take to the stage. No better buachaill for the job, Stevie has the already three quarter full tent on their feet and throwing shapes.

Chic make their way to the stage and are greeted by a rapturous round of applause. The opening number is ‘Everybody Dance’ and even at this early stage everybody in this packed Marquee is.

After the opening 4 songs Nile takes the time to welcome new fans and acknowledge some of the fancy dress outfits. After discussing his work as a producer and songwriter for others Nile announces that the band are going to play some of the hits he is responsible for. Duran Duran, Madonna, Diana Ross and Sister Sledge to name a few get the Chic treatment along with a brilliant version of David Bowie s ‘Let’s Dance’ where the drummer and newest member of the disco troupe takes over on lead vocals.

Before ‘Thinking Of You’ the band take a moment to remember founding member Bernard Edwards while Nile tells how a phone conversation between the pair was the story behind the Sister Sledge classic. The cheer of the night comes when Nile talks about his cancer battle and what it feels like to be cancer free followed by a call for everyone in the audience to hold their phones in the air.

‘Get Lucky’ the song that introduced Nile Rodgers to the younger generation after his collaboration with Daft Punk is next up for the Chic treatment and it is a great version where a slow intro builds to a grandstand finish. The show finishes with an introduction to the band followed by ‘Freak Out’, ‘Good Times’ where they were joined on stage by a large section of the audience and a freestyle Rap to ‘Rapper’s Delight’.

In all my years going to Live At The Marquee never has an act got the place dancing like Chic has tonight, even the seated sections were up on their feet and bopping along.


Words by Anthony Kelly