Caribou – Our Love

Canadian Dan Snaith has been making music under the Caribou moniker for just under a decade now. In that time, he has dabbled in a variety of different styles and genres, never really settling for too long on any definitive sound. Our Love is his best album to date by some distance – it is a beautiful slice of melancholy electronica, pulsating with a warmth rarely found in the icy confines of that genre.

From hypnotic opener ‘Can’t Do Without You’ to closing track ‘Your Love Will Set You Free’, Snaith utilises an array of gorgeous analogue synth sounds to embellish these wonderfully understated songs, creating a kind of soulful electronica. Snaith is not afraid to lock into a groove when the opportunity presents, resulting in a collection of songs that appeal to the heart while nudging you towards the dance floor at the same time.

A delight from start to finish.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)