Calexico – Edge of the Sun

Edge of the Sun is the ninth studio album from Calexico and is set for release on the Anti- label.

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona the band have been recording as Calexico since their 1997 release Spoke; Spoke was also the name the band went by before Calexico.

Recorded in Tucsons Wavelab Studios and coming in at 40 minutes long for 12 songs, there isn’t much time for over-elaboration and long into/outro solos on the record but that doesn’t stop Joey Burns and John Convertino and co from highlighting their multi instrumental talents.

This release features a vast number of guest appearances from (to name just a few) Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses),members of the Greek instrumental group Takim (No, I don’t know them either) and Carla Morrison (Mexican Indie/Pop singer).

I must admit that this is the first album of theirs that I have ever listened to the whole way through as  Americana / Tex-Mex (their description not mine) usually it isn’t the kind of thing I would go for musically. However I am now thinking that not listening to Calexico may have been a bit of an oversight on my part.

The opening two songs ‘Falling from the sky’ and ‘Bullets & Rocks’ set the tone for what is a very good album. While ‘Tapping on the line’ is possibly its best song and ‘miles from the sea’ isn’t far behind this.

The writing process took place in Mexico City and the city’s influence is very evident on songs like  ‘Cumbia De Donde’ and ‘Beneath the city of dreams’  and also on the instrumental track ‘Coyoacan’ all of which sound like they could have been recorded by a Mariachi band.

Things take a little bit change of direction and there is slow down in tempo considerably for the last four songs. The closing song Follow the river’ is slow in tempo but it is probably more heartfelt than any other song on the record.

The album is beautifully written and the various collaborations add considerable weight to Joey Burns great voice. The 40 minutes fly by when listening to this and I can safely say I will soon begin rectifying my previous overlooking of Calexico.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Words by Anthony Kelly