Brian Deady – Non-Fiction

Non-Fiction is the eagerly awaited new album from Brian Deady; This latest offering which was 6 years in the making hasn’t quite the same funky feel as 2009’s debut ‘Interview’ had, however laced with heartfelt songs about lost love and nostalgia ‘Non-Fiction’ is a more intimate record and represents how Deady has evolved both as a songwriter and an artist.

The album was produced by Deady himself with the aid of Ross Dowling and recorded over the course of the past year at home and at West Cork’s Lettercollum recording studio 30 minutes away from his hometown of Skibbereen, a town which in the past has been synonymous with folk and traditional music principally. The fact Skibbereen has, in Brian Deady, spawned Ireland’s leading light on the soul scene has certainly come as a surprise to many.

The lead single ‘A Darkness’ provides as its title would suggest a gorgeously gloomy opening track and songs like ‘Betty’ and ‘Dad’ and album closer ‘You Me’ follow suit but with stripped back simplicity where Deady’s soulful voice is the focal point. ‘Tapes’ and new single ‘Clap Both My Hands’ have their roots closer to gospel music and the latter in particular I imagine will sooner rather than later get the remix treatment.

‘September’ provides the most up-tempo and contemporary R&B sound on the record but it is not quite alone as both ‘Seams’ and ‘Call My Name’ also possesses remnants of that same style which could be more often found on Deady’s debut release ‘Interview’. 

‘Non-Fiction’ is a heart on the sleeve account of Deady’s feelings and emotions set to a background of smooth grooves and extremely catchy melodies. I will look forward to catching Deady live in the coming weeks to see what kind of reaction this fine body of work gets from a live crowd.

Words by Anthony Kelly