Alternative Summer: 10 Songs For When The Sun Hits

Some summer tunes to soundtrack those rare days when we actually see a bit of sun here in Ireland.  Enjoy it while it lasts…

God Only Knows – Beach Boys

The ultimate Summer band – could have chosen literally any song from their vast back catalogue. Even though this one leaves out any overt reference to surfing, sun kissed Californian beaches, etc., it’s a perfect summer tune. It’s also one of the most flawless songs ever written.


Here Comes The Sun – Beatles

The Fab Four knew a thing or two about writing classic pop songs and this was them at their summery best.


Ain’t That Enough – Teenage Fanclub

Hugely underrated song from one of the best bands of the 90s. Chiming guitars and harmonies to make the heart soar.


Big Sur –The Thrills

They captured the hearts and minds of Irish music fans for a brief but glorious spell in 1993 –debut album ‘So Much For the City’ was a huge hit and this song was steeped in the sunny sounds of West Coast Americana.


Heart of Gold –Neil Young

From the classic album Harvest, one for long summer drives; wind the windows down and turn the volume UP.


Who Loves the Sun – Velvet Underground

When they weren’t exploring the seedy underbelly of New York life, the Velvets proved perfectly adept at producing pop gems like this one.


Holiday – Vampire Weekend

One of the very best guitar pop bands of the modern era –this jaunty little number screams get your suitcase and go.


Right Here – The Go- Betweens

Sometimes great pop music just smells of the summer. It’s there in the breezy melody, that capacity to lift the spirits with a simple chord change or soaring harmony. Eighties Australian band The Go Betweens were simply peerless when it came to making great pop music.


Velocity Girl – Primal Scream

Before Bobbie and the boys transformed into dance pioneers/rock gods, they were a slightly fey, jangly guitar band, heavily influenced by the Byrds. This was one and a half minutes of pure pop perfection.


Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Who amongst us could resist a little 80s fist pumping nostalgia with the Canadian rock legend? A guilty pleasure…