65daysofstatic live @ The Button Factory, Dublin 18 January 2014

Let’s get the rant out of the way first – the Dublin gig going experience is become an increasingly depressing affair. The idiots who think purchasing a ticket entitles them to chatter incessantly throughout the whole show are making life miserable for audience and bands alike. It’s disrespectful, rude and quite frankly, a massive pain in the arse for those who go along to see AND hear a band they have paid good money for. Rant over.

Live Review - 65daysofstaticNow, on to the show, and despite having to contend with a gaggle of guffawing buffoons, 65daysofstatic delivered a tight, punchy set that really hammered home just how good last year’s Wild Light album is.
Though not sold out, there was a decent crowd at the Button Factory to welcome the Sheffield quartet back after a lengthy absence from these shores. Calling them a Post Rock band is slightly misleading – yes, they do play instrumental, guitar based Rock music, but they don’t adhere religiously to the Post Rock blueprint.

Lengthy, slow building intros are eschewed, as 65daysofstatic go for the jugular straight from the off with their dense, rhythmic and muscular sound. There is a genuine attempt to engage with the audience, again marking them apart from their more sullen, remote Post Rock compatriots.
They begin the set with the awesome opening cut from their Wild Light album – ‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’ sounded like the end of the world; the slow-mo, drum heavy beat and sci-fi synths achieving maximum impact and from that point on, there was no let up.

The occasional piano interlude in the middle of a song gave the audience time to catch their breath but older songs like ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ and ‘Radio Protector’ were high octane affairs, and the band were animated and energetic throughout.
Newer tracks like ‘Unmake the Wild Light’ and ‘Sleepwalk City’ showcased their new, less full-on but more dynamic approach to song-writing and translated pretty well in a live setting. There were a couple of lulls in the set; it was hard to work out if this was down to the audience (appreciative though not overly exuberant) or down to how the set-list was programmed, but the highs were very high indeed.

There wasn’t much by way of a light show, something that would probably enhance the experience, given the type of music they make. ‘Safe Passage’ concluded an impressive evening’s work before the band returned for an entirely merited two song encore.

65daysofstatic are the kind of band that will always make an impression in a live setting – dynamic, powerful and with the kind of ‘wow’ factor that leaves audiences hungry for more.